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PBI welding
PBI TriGuard irefighter Feuerwehr
PBI welding

A Range of Applications

Beyond structural firefighting, PBI fabrics protect workers in a range of different hazardous environments, including wildland firefighting and the industrial, petrochemical and utilities sectors.


PBI TriGuard

PBITriGuard fabrics provide lightweight protection against heat, flash fire and arc flash.  


They are specially designed for wildland firefighting and protection of workers in the petrochemical, gas and electrical industries.


The fabrics offer a high level of comfort and are stronger than many heavier alternatives. They are highly resistant to chemicals.


Perspiration is wicked 58% faster than a typical meta-aramid fabric, improving moisture management inside the garment and reducing risk of steam burn.


PBI welding

PBI fiber plays a crucial role in protecting workers against the risks in heavy industry.


PBI Shield offers trusted lightweight heat and flame protection that maintains high strength throughout the lifetime of the garment. It gives workers the confidence to focus on the task at hand without fear of severe injury from hot splashes.


Welders choose PBI Chrome for its proven protection that combines long life durability with high levels of comfort.


PBI moisture barriere

The Stedair Gold waterproof, breathable membrane incorporates PBI fiber for increased flame resistance and thermal stability.


It keeps workers dry from the inside while being waterproof from the outside.


It provides superior protection against blood pathogens, toxic industrial chemicals and other toxic industrial matter as well as harmful chemicals.


PBI thermal liner

Glide Ice with PBI uses air-enhanced insulation for improved freedom of stretch and management of moisture wicking.
The air holes created by the two layers of lightweight fabric trap air for better insulation than traditional insulation.
The smooth, soft flame-retardant rayon-blend lining has low friction and is easy to stretch.
It is thus possible to create a lightweight garment that reduces the risk of thermal stress burns without compromising protection.

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