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Gloves are a vital component of head to toe firefighter protection and PBI fabric is used in the manufacture of a wide range fo firefighting gloves.Firefighters equipped with PBI gloves have the confidence to operate safely in the most extreme situations at times undertaking intricate tasks in the intensity of a fire. Gloves made with PBI fabric deliver high performance protection from heat and flame yet remain soft and comfortable, maintaining high levels of dexterity and thermal stability.


Combining protection,

comfort & dexterity.

PBI ESKA glove Handschuh
PBI Haube hood balaclava

Take steps to make your head safer.

PBI-blended hoods offer one of the highest flame resistance to protect you and the particulate barrier. Choose from a selection of lightweight PBI particulate-blocking hoods that intercept

95% to 99% of carcinogenic particles.

No other fabric stands up as well against heat and flames.

No other fabric offers you such lightweight comfort with no shrinkage or brittleness even in critical circumstances.

Lightweight Flexible


Firefighters depend on their footwear for protection in the toughest environments. PBI fabric is used in a range of boots and is lighter than other footwear materials, adding flexibility and increasing comfort and breathability to reduce the risk of heat stress.

The fabric is washable and easy to clean, reducing the risk of contamination.

PBI offers more effective heat protection than most other heavier alternatives. It is inherently flame resistant and will not become brittle or break open when exposed to fire.

Boots made with PBI fabric deliver a combination of high performance protection, comfort and flexibility.

PBI boot Feuerwehrschuh

Most injuries on the fireground and in industrial workplaces are to hands and feet.  It’s crucial that all workers operating in extreme and hazardous environments have the best protection for their head, hands and feet that allows them to do their job effectively. PBI fiber is used in a range of, hoods gloves and footwear to provide essential protection from heat and flame.

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PBI hood
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