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PBI outer shells

 PBI outer shell fabrics, typically, are a mix of

~ 40% PBI fiber


~ 60% Para-aramid fiber


PBI Enforcer 24k
PBI Enforcer 24k

PBI Enforcer 24K is a tough outer shell fabric that combines flame and heat protection with excellent freedom of movement.

  • Durable, abrasion resistant protection

  • Unique construction lets the gear move with your body

  • Lightweight and comfortable

PBI Gold
PBI Gold

The first PBI fabric to be developed for firefighter protection that set the standard for thermal protection and durability over 30 years ago and is still favoured by firefighters around the world.

  • Protection against heat and flame, arc and flash fires

  • Soft and comfortable, yet strong and durable

  • Available in Gold, Black, Red and Blue

PBI Matrix

PBI Matrix incorporates a durable Twaron filament woven into PBI Gold to enhance durability and strength, reinforcing resistance to wear and tear.

  • Enhanced heat and flame protection

  • High level of abrasion resistance

  • Always stands up to the most punishing conditions

PBI Matrix

PBI Max incorporates the patented Filament Twill Technology to create a strong, lightweight fabric that maintains its integrity ‘as new’, even after exposure to UV.


  • Incredibly high tensile strength

  • Lightweight for optimum freedom of movement

  • Superior flame protection

PBI Nova
PBI Nova

Designed for operations in China, PBI Nova is a lightweight outer shell fabric. 


  • The fabric has high color stability against repeated washings

  • high strength and durability

  • great heat and flame protection

PBI Chrome
PBI Chrome

PBI Pro offers the superior strength required for the rigorous extremes of firefighting.

  • Lightweight, durable protection

  • Improved UV resistance

  • Excellent heat and flame protection

PBI Proton

Developed to meet the specific needs of Polish firefighters, Proton is a high-performance outer shell that is incredibly strong and thermally stable.


  • Exceptional resistance to heat and flame

  • Withstands tough conditions with long term resistance to abrasion

  • Breathable and flexible for comfort

PBI Proton
PBI Titan 1260

The Titan1260 fabric  is a highly breathable outer shell that incorporates unique Intelligent Flame Retardant Fibre Positioning Technology in its weave that creates insulating air pockets.

  • Enhanced comfort and breathability mitigate heat stress

  • High protection from heat and flame

  • Excellent abrasion resistance

PBI Titan 1260
PBI Tornado

PBI Tornado is designed to meet the standards for protection in Asia and the Far East and uses double layered yarn technology to boost the operational lifetime of the fabric.


  • Strength and durability from core yarn construction

  • High resistance to degradation from UV

  • Excellent heat and flame resistance

PBI Tornado
PBI Twin

Designed for operations in the Far East, PBI Twin incorporates unique Intelligent Flame Retardant Fibre Technology to create insulating air pockets.

  • Highly breathable lightweight thermal protection

  • Increased freedom of movement

  • Lifetime strength and durability

PBI Twin

PBI XTL incorporates a proprietary high strength grid that provides durability and eliminates ‘puckering’ after washing.


  • Excellent durability and abrasion resistance

  • Lifetime heat and flame protection

  • Lightweight, breathable and flexible for comfort


The strength of X55 fabric guarantees operational lifetime protective performance with a high water repellence that also resists the build-up of dirt and chemicals.

  • Strong, comfortable protection

  • Still looks as good as new after prolonged use

  • Available in Gold and Cognac


The Y55 fabric is combines strength with comfort in a choice of three unique colours that always look good, even after extensive washing.


  • Strong and durable protection

  • IBENA PowerShell finish keeps new look beyond 40 washes

  • Available in Gold, Cognac and Blue



The outer shell is the first line of defence for firefighters in the extreme conditions of the fireground.  It needs be lightweight for flexibility and freedom of movement while combining the best possible protection from heat and flame with durability. At PBI, our single focus is to develop products that will protect firefighters in those most challenging situations. PBI fabrics give firefighters absolute confidence in their protection, allowing them to work safely and effectively.

PBI outer shell moisture barrier thermal liner




PBI fabrics will not become brittle, shrink or break open when exposed to flame and extreme temperatures.

​Fire resistant outer shells made with PBI are lightweight and breathable with high levels of comfort to tackle the risks of heat stress.

​They maintain the integrity of the fire suit and allow more time to reach safety in a flashover.

​PBI outer shells retain their break open resistance, soft feel and flexibility even after exposure to 1000° heat and flame.

​PBI fabrics combine superior tensile strength with durability and abrasion resistance to last beyond the normal operational lifetime of garments.

PBI fabrics can withstand the harshest fire, raising the bar for personal protective equipment.

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