more protection
less weight

We were able to achieve this by strengthening the bonds between the PBI polymer chains.


That allows us to make much lighter outer shells while increasing flame resistance and break-open protection.

A revolutionary new PBI fiber that maximizes flame and break-open protection in light-weight outer shells.


of break-open stability

The decomposition temperature of PBI LP fiber is ~850˚C, making PBI LP outer shells the one of the most

protective fabrics available.


more flame resistance

Outer shells made with PBI LP offer 30% more flame resistance than traditional PBI fabrics.


seconds of break-open

The Dynamic Flame Test below is used to demonstrate the time it takes for an outer shell fabric to breakdown to flame when force is applied.



The highest level of protection! 

PBI LP lasts over 40 seconds while any Meta- Aramid blend lasts only 3-4 seconds.

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